About us


The Garlic Guy and Gal.

We are Linda and Don Womack. In 1978 we returned to the New England area. We settled down, settled in and had three children who are now all grown and out on their own but still very much involved in the business of the farm.

Right from the beginning we named our little piece of land “Lindon Farm.”

For over 30 years we grew a big garden for our family, friends and neighbors. In 2004 we started growing garlic at the urging of a good family friend and here we are today, on a yet bigger piece of land, growing garlic. So, we’ve changed the name to Lindon Garlic Farm and we’re right smack in the middle of growing a whole bunch of garlic. Each year our crop gets better and bigger and we learn more and more about this fascinating crop.

We hope you come visit our website often and read about what’s going on at the farm.

We think our gourmet garlic powder is just the best around. It is the perfect food enhancer to make your great food ideas and recipes even better. Spice up your nachos, chili, soups and just about anything you and your family enjoy to eat .

We offer a small 1.5 ounce jar or the larger 3 ounce jar depending on how much you like garlic powder. We think it’s safe to say after tasting our product you’ll be back for more.


All prices include shipping within the United States.

1.5 oz. jar – $7.00
3 oz. jar – $14.00
Ten 1.5 oz. jars – $55.00

3oz Garlic Powder jar