Allison & Jon

Hi Everyone!

We are the son-in-law and oldest daughter of the Garlic Guy. We love garlic as much as the Garlic Guy does and have been involved in the garlic business for a few years now. We are very excited to be part of this family adventure of growing and producing garlic products.

I’m 31 years old and have been involved in agriculture most of my life. I first started farm work at a local dairy farm in Sanbornton, NH (Swain Family Farm). This gave me lots of experience and hands-on training I would never have learned elsewhere. I continued my education through the agriculture program at the Winnisquam Regional High School AG program and became involved the FFA (Future Farmers of America). I later become the President of our chapter and competed in many national competitions. After high school, I continued my thirst for more education and went to UNH and studied Horticulture.

Given my experience and hard working skills, I am excited to be part of this growing farm and allowing people to buy locally produced products knowing that I strive to make a great and healthy product, even though people may think my breath “stinks.”

Hello Garlic lovers

You would not be reading about us unless you didn’t love garlic as much as we do. I’m 30 years old and have been helping my dad in the garlic business for a few years now, although this year having more time, I have been much more involved in getting ready for our first year of selling garlic.

I grew up in Massachusetts, but after high school I went to college in Manchester, NH and decided to make New Hampshire my home.  I was lucky to meet my husband here and we just celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary. We are now looking forward to starting a family, a daughter named Grace on the way- due after planting season. More importantly, her name Grace is given to her for the “thankfulness” we have for the Garlic Guy and Gal (my parents) for allowing us to raise our daughter on a farm and be part of the family business.

When the Garlic Guy found out that he was having his first granddaughter, his reaction was “she’ll have such a great life on the farm” and we couldn’t agree more. Although, I am going to have to kiss my husband with garlic breath all the time….and our daughter will have to come to terms with living with “stinky” parents and grandparents we are looking forward to seeing you soon. Check back often for updates about the farm.

FEBRUARY 5th, 2010
It has been a very exciting few months. Our daughter was born in late October, right smack dab in the middle of planting season. Jon was lucky to have 10 weeks of paternity leave so while spending time getting to know his daughter, during naptime, he was out in the fields planting garlic. We are excited to see what this year yields.

Now that it is winter, we wait…we wait for the best garlic crop yet. We also can’t wait for our daughter get in the dirt and harvest garlic. We hope that our little sprout loves garlic as much as we do…although I don’t think she has a choice.

We continue to be proud of our dad; he truly is THE GARLIC GUY. Keep the comments coming; we really do appreciate a good garlic comment.